Hi, I'm Gina! Welcome to my writer's notebook for sexy stories.

I primarily write mother and child incest erotica, with elements of mind control. Those are my particular kinks, and I've learned to love them. I also mix in other kinks that stoke my fancy. If that all sounds gross, the door is this way.

Unfortunately, much of the mind control genre is formulaic and cliched, so I try to write stories that will surprise and delight you, dear reader.

Finally, everything here is free! I only ask that you email me feedback and suggestions for stories and videos I should add to the hall of fame! (goulait191 AT protonmail DOT com)

My Stories

(updated 10/22/2021)

I'm a busy beaver these days, so please forgive me my delays. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Also, I'm not all bad--if you email me (goulait191 AT protonmail DOT com) I'll notify you when I publish new chapters and stories.

Hall of Fame

(updated 9/14/2021)

Stories and videos that tickle my kitty fancy. The best mother/son , mother/daughter incest erotica out there, in my humble opinion.

Did I leave something out (besides Dad)? Give a girl a thrill and email me your favorites!