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Hall of Fame

(updated 9/14/2021)


Mind control of not, this is some of the best mother/son or mother/daughter erotica out there. Don't forget to send me your favorites, I'm always on the hunt for new additions.

A Penny for Your Thoughts by mother/son, inc Sometimes words are just not enough when mom wants to help. A minimalist tale--realistic and well paced.
Re-Momdified by and mother/son, mind control, inc Revised version of 'Momdified'. Jake accepts a deal from a stranger, whose perverted game promises to change his life, his mom and his family as he knows it.
It's All Academic by mother/son, inc A professor of mathematics chances to see her 16-year-old son ejaculate while masturbating and realizes that her ignorance of male sexual function compels research into the subject. Everything Parthenogenesis writes is amazing. One of the best in the genre.
Jill's Heart by mother/daughter, inc Mother and daughter play an idle game of cards, when the conversation turns to sex. Simple story, but the dialogue is impeccable.


Well acted, convincing (no winking at the camera here). Muah--four stars from the academy!

Helpful Mom fixes son's cock by Fb, mother/son, inc Son is injured skateboarding, and mom takes a look.
Mom's Cure by Fb, mother/son, inc Son gets sea-sick on a cruise. Xev is among the best performers in the incest business. Great dialogue. Great acting.